Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Melyssa Hubbard Interview

How do you start being involved in the BDSM community as a dominatrix?
Thank you for being the first in Europe to interview me. I will be interested to hear what a European audience thinks of my story. 

In the year 2000, I was introduced to the lifestyle via a boyfriend who showed me the early Internet societies on AOL (America On Line). My initial education of the D/s arts (dominance/submission) also took place in early underground chat rooms where I met a few amazing individuals in real life.  I was never keen on the American BDSM societies, but did try to work within them for a time after I was first outed in 2003 by local media.  I learned the vicious world of politics in underground kink societies before I practiced above ground in the real political arena where it matters. 

There’s a fun section in my book detailing the first time I visited a BDSM club three hours away from Indianapolis, Indiana in Chicago, Illinois. My book details many of my other early lifestyle D/s (Dominance/submission) adventures and how that journey led to my decision to go pro against the many internal moral obstacles I would have to reconcile to do so. 

When did you start getting harassed by the Indianapolis government because of that practice? 

In 2003, I was outed to the media by women in the BDSM lifestyle who had it out for me.  There are several reasons why they did and the drama plays out in my book.   

The short version is that several of them sent around an hysterically penned ‘press release’ to city officials and the media.  The ridiculous press release was ignored by all local media outlets except Scripps owned WRTV-Channel 6 who followed up on the libelous release, then subsequently used me for ratings during Sweeps Week which determines future advertising revenues. The other news stations ignored the women.  Today as an advertising sale professional, I joke and say I increased their ad revenues, but never got a commission. At the time, it was devastating to my business and my internal well-being even although local law enforcement said they had quietly investigated me and determined I broke no laws.  That marked the beginning of my education in politics and media.  

Two years later in 2005, I was used again for ratings. This time by the mayor of Indianapolis for a photo opportunity at a large outdoor press conference he staged in downtown Indianapolis. The city didn't expect me to show up and face the mayor with cameras rolling. They had weeks earlier sent a vice detective to relentlessly sexually harass me at my place of business and attempt to coerce me into sex for hire. Unable to book me for prostitution, the mayor filed a civil lawsuit (similar to very expensive parking ticket) claiming I violated home based business zoning laws. 

The first amendment of the American constitution guarantees freedom of speech and self expression. I was an artist and tutor of D/s arts. Teaching art is an allowable home based business. I was not a prostitute because that would make me submissive to clients and their money.  I held a tight moral line on that front. 

How did you fight back? 
I was not going to allow their misogyny to go down in my city and felt a deep call to defend freedom, not only for myself, but for anyone in my city who colored outside the box. Within a few weeks, I networked to the right counsel and hired attorney Mark Small who was prepared to escalate my case all the way to Indiana Supreme Court if necessary.  A legal defense fund was set up for me by a well-to-do submissive friend who matched dollar for dollar donations which trickled in from around the country. Those caring people who donated to my legal campaign made my story and fight possible.  The first thing my lawyer did was tell me to hold my own press conference when we filed our answer with the court. 
I was scared. Then he looked at me and said, "You can do this." So I did.                                                                                                                                
What was the result? Could you still be practicing? 
We litigated for twenty months, kept the story in the media and the city dropped the lawsuit. I got the feeling that both the municipal judge and the city's attorney thought the suit was ridiculous and a waste of the court's time.  As part of the dismissal agreement, I agreed I would not practice professionally. I agreed because I was quitting the profession before the lawsuit was filed and planning to re-enter the corporate workplace again as an account executive.  At the time, I wanted it behind me. 

If I practiced again today, I somehow don't think they'd challenge me, but I have no interest in doing so. I have far bigger fish to fry these days. 

How did you get involved with politics and tax fighting? 
During the twenty months we litigated the city, I clearly understood I was politically naive as to the workings of City Hall.  So naturally, I began studying local government like one does to learn the plot lines and characters of a soap opera.  Fortunately, Indianapolis had an impressive blogging community before Twitter and Facebook emerged in social media.  Local bloggers, many of whom were lawyers operating as unpaid citizen journalists, provided unending study material. That's where I learned every camp in town against the mayor.  I also discovered the camps didn't know each other.  All I had to do was meet them in person and network them as a self-made general, then engage them in my war. 

You are a former Democrat who became an active member of the Tea Party. Could you explain that evolution? 

The mayor who persecuted me was a democrat and I had voted for him in the two terms he served. I liked what he was doing culturally for the city and agreed with his vision to advance Cultural Tourism.  I foolishly believed the Democratic Party in America stood for personal freedom because they advocate for LGBT equality. I was wrong.  I learned the Democratic Party is no more principled than the Republican Party, although individuals within the parties sometimes are. That is why today I might vote for a Republican or Democrat even though I consider myself a Libertarian.  

During my study of city hall I learned about a looming property tax crisis with bills being levied that most people would be unable to pay.  No one was doing anything about it, so I decided to warn neighbors, rallying them with homemade flyers to confront government. 

In 2007, there was not yet a national tea party.  I didn't even know what one was.  I got the idea to throw a tea party at the first rally where I gathered 500 citizens in the middle of our neighborhood at the Governor's Mansion on the 4th of July. An older gentleman shouted, "We need a tea party!"  He had me at party.  All I had to do was figure out what a tea party should look like. 

At the first Indiana Tea Party on July 28, 2007 we dunked a giant teabag stuffed with property tax invoices into a scenic canal in our neighborhood.  The footage played on the news almost nightly for four months leading up to the election upset. That day we were the first Americans labeled with the derogatory sexual term 'teabagger'.  It was coined by an official democrat communications director in Indianapolis. The first reference is archived in the Way Back Machine. Later that year in December I won America's first national tea party prize and accepted the award in Chicago from the Sam Adams Alliance and Foundation. 

What made you think about writing your book Spanking City Hall? Have you thought about writing another one?
While the events played out, people joked that I was spanking the mayor. The movement caused the biggest political upset in America that year and the biggest in Indiana history. Living the story was like being in a movie. It perfectly fit the hero's journey like David vs. Goliath.  But, by the time it was over I grew sick with fibromyalgia and depression having gained 100 pounds from the stress of the battles. I was so tired and hurt that I couldn't take on anything creative then although I knew it was extraordinary that I fought three battles simultaneously against government and won them all. 

1. Defense of my home-based business and first amendment freedom in the court
2. Ousting the mayor who persecuted me from office
3. Leading the property tax revolts by founding the Indiana Tea Party saving homeowners about $500 million a year. 

I bought the domain SpankingCityHall.com Then for five years I rested and healed, nearly cutting myself off from everyone. I knew the book would come when the Universe was ready for it. Toward the end of that healing period, I discovered raw organic juicing and became a religious juice feaster. I shed the weight and health problems in a few short months. The book started to come out. I approached the well-respected Indianapolis Business Journal who agreed to be my publisher and they guided me through the daunting task to write one's first book. 

I have plans to write another book about Indianapolis that will pick up after my first book's final chapter, "The Diana Mythology". Its backdrop will be the Masonic masculine and feminine symbolism of our city as Libertarianism, the Tea Party movement, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and the First Church of Cannabis plays out against the rise of Goddess Diana archetype of InDianapolis. I plan to call the book "The InDiana Code" and already own the domain. 

Now you seem to be some kind of inspiring freedom fighter standing for marijuana legalization, marriage equality and anti-discrimination. How would you describe yourself now politics wise? 

Freedom, fiscal or personal, is freedom. I advocate for both.  A tax on income is a form of slavery.  In America, we work at least four months a year just to pay our tax burdens. I do believe we need to pay taxes for common good of society, but believe taxes should be transparent. The American income tax code consists of 74,000 pages which even I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service) officials don't understand. It's broken, beyond burdensome and designed by politicians to reward friends and punish enemies.  I support the FairTax.org

I also believe the government is outside their jurisdiction to dictate what sovereign individuals do with our bodies. I advocate to legalize all drugs like Portugal has done.  It is immoral to ruin a life in prison over drugs. One of my dear friends in Indianapolis is Bill Levin, founder of The First Church of Cannabis which was created in response to RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act). It's fun watching our cannabis church garner worldwide attention. 

In the book you also mention some internal fights that you had with yourself. How did you beat those feelings? 

I meditated daily and prayed for guidance. I am a student of coincidence and believe them to be God's calling card. Their synchronicity points the way to our true path.  Because I had so many rapid fire coincidences happening sometimes daily, I could not ignore them.  I gave the matter up to God and went where the Universe obviously wanted me. I was constantly afraid, was often personally attacked and misunderstood, but I stuck to my principles and did it anyway.

At one point two years before the mayor's persecution, I was told in meditation that I would one day have to face off with the government. That made me afraid.  But in the next instant I was told not to fear and when the time came I'd be given every tool needed to prevail.  I stayed true to the course where God wanted me even though I didn't understand how things were being orchestrated behind God's mysterious curtain to set me up for the meaningful work I now do with my life. Today I teach how fear liberation leads to self-actualization.

In a post of your blog you wrote that conservatives need to be reminded that Christ asks us not to judge. What would you say to those that call themselves Christians but forget about that specific part of Jesus Christ teachings? 

Religion harnesses, then drives fear using it as a tool of control.  Some Christians judge because they are very frightened. That's why teaching fear liberation to humanity is important.  That said, I know many Christians who do not judge and prefer to leave that weighty matter to their Creator. As a dominatrix I became adept at managing fear.  Humans have great transformative powers once fear liberated.

Now you are part of the Cultural Activism movement. Can you tell us about its main points?

Cultural Activism uses theatrics, art, humor and media in playful ways to mock statist policies and politicians.  Arguably it is far more effective force than political activism and is the only tool powerful enough to force politicians to their knees in their rightful positions as submissive servants. The American Constitution authors that The People are dominant and the government is submissive.  

Cultural Activism is not something taught in academia and has less than a single page of Google search results. I realized after I wrote the book I was successful because I unwittingly harnessed culture, not politics. I first identified as a Cultural Activist after I published my story and was able to see the big picture of how the seemingly impossible came into being. Your website is an example of Cultural Activism and I was thrilled when you asked me for this interview. Thanks for that. 

Via Cultural Activism, humanity has opportunity to unite and ultimately free ourselves from the madness. I see many signs that the net of fear around our planet is unravelling.  I am encouraged to learn the world is less violent than ever in human history although our media focuses endlessly on war to create great profits for globalist bankers. 

Every war fought by America in my lifetime was the result of a false flag. We are given a constant message that our soldiers fight for freedom. They don't. Their blood is a sacrifice for profits for the industrial military complex and the globalists who control it.  

Today freedom is won via Cultural Activism and in the courtroom. Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine did more to defend Freedom of Speech in America than all the soldiers who've died in my lifetime put together. Americans need to stop believing the lie that war defends freedom. I hold deep respect for the cultural activists within both the American Tea Party and Occupy movements. We have a common enemy and my dream is to see us shed the labels and become a united front for humanity. 

As humans we need to continue to come together and focus on what we share in common and do those things together while ignoring our differences. American media pits left vs. right and divides us.  It is only when we are united that we can defeat the 1% who believe they are entitled to the planet's wealth. Then and only then will receive humanity's birthright -- the suppressed free energy technology. 

You had a difficult childhood but managed to get through it with courage. What advice would you give to girls that are in the same situation that you were back then?
About one in four children are sexually abused. My advice is to tattle if you are sexually, psychologically or physically abused.  Never believe you did anything to deserve it.  If you look and ask you will find someone who will love and help you.  Just don't be quiet. Talk with people you trust until the poison is gone.  Then go help others. I believe there are many more loving people than those who wish to do harm.  We simply need to come together and love one another.  Love is the message of Christ and the opposite of fear . . . and one more thing FreeDOM does not exist without the suffix 'dom'. We must free our inner dom.  I believe that Cultural Activism is our stone in the slingshot to topple Goliath.  


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